Photojournalism has been a career and passion for more than two decades and has spanned two continents. My award winning work has been published in National Geographic, Time, The New York Times as well as other newspapers, magazines, websites, agencies and publications around the world.

Cerro Grande Wildfire photojournalism © Josh Stephenson
Firefighters try to contain the Cerro Grande fire that would eventually consume more than 250 homes and threaten the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
APEC protest © Josh Stephenson
A protester lights a car on fire during a protest at Parque Bustamante against President Bush, war in Iraq, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Santiago, Chile. The 12th annual meeting of the APEC World Economic Leaders was welcomed with massive protests and was the first time a South American country had hosted the summit and also marked President Bush’s first trip outside of the United States since his re-election.
Silverton Mountain Ski Area © Josh Stephenson
Chris Cosgriff of Portland, left, and his Seattle counterpart, Andy Mason, hike to one of the ridge drop-ins at Silverton Mountain.
Labor Day Protest © Josh Stephenson
Thousands marched in Santiago, Chile on what is known as Dia de los Trabajadores, or Day of the Workers, calling for improved worker rights. The mostly peaceful march ended in Plaza Los Heroes where a band played and vendors sold mostly food and books. Protestors threw rocks, bottles, and wood torn from park benches, as well as starting several fires, setting off a series of clashes.
Lucha Libre © Josh Stephenson
In an arena in the center of Mexico City, Luchadores battle several times a week.
Olympic gold © Josh Stephenson
Nicolas Massu brings Chileans together in the center of Santiago Chile to watch a big screen television of his gold medal winning Olympic tennis match against Mardy Fish of the United States. Massu became Chile’s first Olympic gold medal winner in history.
Obama © Josh Stephenson
Barack Obama takes a question from Janice Connett on the economy during a round table discussion in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Tried as an adult
Orlando Torrez, 14, center, recieves hugs and support from family members after State District Court in Taos where the revocation of his probation sent him into custody in connection with the shooting death of 15-year-olf Jeremy Vigil.
Silver mining © Josh Stephenson
Miners work within a company mine inside Cerro Rico on the edge of Potosí, Bolivia. While many of the workers spend more than 12 hours a day working and subjecting themselves to conditions that bring on a host of pulmonary diseases, tour companies now charge tourists for a trip inside the mine, bringing, dynamite, rubbing alcohol for drinking, and coca leaves for the miners.
Josh Stephenson
Miners wheel out carts filled with ore to be sifted.
Hurricane Katrina © Josh Stephenson
Michael Fisher of the United States Air National Guard Security Police approaches a casket that washed onto the levvie on the west side of the Mississippi River in Port Sulphur.
Search © Josh Stephenson
A Santa Fe Police Department officer waits for dust to clear from the unearthing of past refuse in the search for the body of missing Robbie Romero at the Caja del Rio County landfill.
Main Avenue Fire © Josh Stephenson
Groups of firefighters rush to the aid of their comrades after an explosion threw several from a rooftop on Main Avenue in Durango.
Soccer match © Josh Stephenson
Jose Luis Lopez (center) celebrates with teammates after scoring the first goal for UNAM against Club América at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.
Communist leader © Josh Stephenson
Two men atop a bus stop burn flares and shoot fireworks into the air as the coffin of Gladys Marin passes by the Plaza of the Constitution during the funeral for the Chilean Communist leader who died after a fight with cancer.

seaweed harvest © Josh Stephenson

Workers fill the cargo area of a boat called La Tingusa with Pelillo, a type of seaweed that will be shipped to China for use in cosmetics. The impoverished community that gathers the seaweed is being forced to build “traditional” housing or leave the area to make way for a burgeoning tourism industry.

War protest
Santa Fe Police officers drag away Mia Boniuto during a walk-out and sit-in at Santa Fe High School.
Wayna Picchu © Josh Stephenson
An archeologist works on the uppermost ruins of Wayna Picchu Mountain, overlooking the Machu Picchu ruins below. Archeological members of the National Institute of Cusco Culture, or INC, are constantly working to document, rebuild, and care for the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru.
The INC is the institute in charge of conservation, protection, promotion, investigation and cultural development of historical sites including the ruins of Machu Picchu. The heavy tourist traffic of the ruins demands constant work by the institute while the rainy season from December to March gives workers a respite from the crowds.
Soccer on the beach © Josh Stephenson
Children in a remote corner of the island of Chilóe play soccer on the beach after doing their chores and eating dinner.