Multimedia Tools

Animas River mine waste
Animas Merged © Josh Stephenson

When the Environmental Protection Agency released three million gallons of mine waste, polluting the Animas River, this before and after interactive garnered close to one million views on Facebook and appeared in media internationally as well being broadcast on CBS, ABC, CNN, BBC and Fox news programs.

Animas river timeline

Animas City – 1910 to 2014

© Josh Stephenson 970-903-3932

Taking a photo from the location of a historic 1910 image, I used a javascript slider to compile this before and after comparison of town. I kept with black and white to match the available image. Use the slider to compare the images. On mobile, tap the image where you want the slider to be, or use the show before and show after buttons.

 School crime


Using public school stats, I created this interactive data visualization to spot trends in crime at area schools. This is also a mobile friendly tool.