We’re resurfacing this post because Rex has show and tell with something from when he was a baby. Katie recalled his enormous appetite and love for pasta. Take a look and this baby pack it away to a tune from They Might Be Giants.

Whoa, so fast… And loud

Uncle John came to visit for a few days and while he took the kiddos to the BMX track, skate park, and other sites, one big moment was getting to check out his race car. Sweeeeet!


Budding beekeeper

Leo has been paying a lot if attention to my beekeeping talk and recently wanted to help inspect the hives, so he got on his NASA spacesuit as a bee suit, donned his bee veil, gloves and boots and helped me out in not only the hives at home but also the ones on a nearby farm. He even observed that they were bringing in pollen which meant the queen was laying lots of eggs and new babies were on the way. Awesome.