While Durango, Colorado is home base, I’ve worked as a photographer and videographer for major media companies throughout the Americas, been published around the world and have won numerous awards for work ranging from photography and video production to web development. For several years recently, I’ve produced videos for a rapidly growing global corporation, driving their brand as they became a¬†Fortune 500 company. I use my skills and experience to support business and individuals alike, with a foundation in creativity, balanced by marketing, metrics and research to drive results.

Having worked in environments ranging from violent protests and wildfires to presidential campaigns, weddings for the political elite and even portraits of pets and kids, I am comfortable working in any situation. Fluency in Spanish expands my ability to connect with subjects and tell a deeper story.

As a photographer, past publications include National Geographic, Newsweek, Maxim, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune as well as print and digital publications around the world. I have also worked for The Associated Press, Bloomberg and Reuters among other photography agencies.

As a videographer, my work has been included on several networks.

Whether you need stock or commercial imagery, documentary or wedding photography, video shooting and production or interactive multimedia, I can handle your project from concept to completion.

Please take a look at the broad range of work here and let me know how I can help tell your story and reach the audience you need.